Pay with full peace of mind with Mastercard

Safer than cash

When it comes to peace of mind, there’s no better way to pay than with your payment card. There’s a whole range of safety tools and security features built into your card. So whether you’re shopping in a store, online or on your mobile device, you can do it all with confidence.

Your network has you covered

When you use your payment card, you’re supported by a payment network that’s designed to be secure and smart.  

Keeping you protected

Cards are always the safest way to pay owing to their multi-layer security feature, which safeguards you against unauthorized transactions. The security safeguard mechanism keeps a live track of transactions, making it easier for financial institutions to trace and recover your money in the event that your account is being used for unauthorized transactions.

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Peace of mind that’s Priceless®


A one-time password sent to your mobile phone to verify all your
online transactions


A Personal Identification Number (PIN) works with your EMV chip to keep your money secure.

EMV (Chip Technology)

A microchip in your card safely houses all your data, and encrypts every transaction for greater security.

Global Concierge

Card replacement services are available in the event where your card goes

SMS Alerts

An SMS to notify you whenever your card has been used, so you are updated at all times.

Zero Liability Protection

Follow these steps to avoid being held responsible for unauthorised

Security tips to protect yourself

Keep your ATM PIN private

Never share your ATM Pin with anyone. If you've forgotten your PIN or think it may have been compromised, ask your bank for a new one.

Beware of phishers

Phishers try to gain sensitive information from you, like your payment card number, PIN, username or password. Don’t respond to them. Instead, call your bank to make a report.

Check your statements

Regularly monitor your bank and card statements. Call your bank if you spot any unusual transactions.


Look for your network’s SecureCode logo

Look out for online merchants that support SecureCode. SecureCode ensures that online transactions are private between you and your bank. It also verifies that you authorised the payment.

Sign up for SMS alerts

SMS alerts let you know whenever there’s activity in your accounts, so it’s a good idea to register all your cards for them.

Be familiar with your card issuer’s policies

Every bank has its own safeguards in place for your peace of mind. Talk to your bank to find out what they are.