Introducing MasterpassTM QR

Open. Scan. Confirm. Collect.

About Masterpass QR

Masterpass QR is a new electronic payment option that lets customers in India pay for goods and services from their mobile phones. It delivers valuable benefits for merchants, issuers, acquirers and end-users.

Masterpass QR is fast, secure, convenient and cost-effective, and provides a viable alternative to cash - without the need for POS or MPOS equipment.


Leveraging the mobile form factor

Masterpass QR enables the growing number of mobile subscribers and smartphone users in India to pay merchants directly from their mobile phone. It provides a convenient new way to pay for customers that normally deal in cash.

It also solves many of the pain points surrounding e-payments for merchants and acquiring banks. So it's a viable way to extend electronic payment services to merchants that are currently excluded from them.

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How does Masterpass QR work for cardholders?

  • Launches his smartphone application that has been enabled for Masterpass QR
  • Scans the merchant QR code displayed at merchant point-of-sale
  • Enters the transaction amount to initiate payment
  • Confirms the transaction with a PIN
  • Receives instant confirmation of successful funds transfer
  • Collects goods when merchant receives payment notification

Benefits for cardholders

  • Simple 4-step process - Open, Scan, Confirm & Collect
  • Make payments in seconds from a smartphone
  • More secure than carrying cash around
  • Real-time confirmation of transaction